January 'Yoga Reset'

Starting Tuesday 4th of January

This January we start the new year with a 30 Day Challenge! It’s a great chance to begin your daily yoga habit or refresh one you’ve taken a break from.

Each morning we start with a 30-minute yoga flow leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Week 1: Time to twist – Lets work on our digestion, rinse the spine out and start the new year with some firey flows

Week 2: Time to energise – Create lasting energy in the body and open the spine, working around back-bends.

Week 3: Let’s get grounded – Using the element earth to help feel at home in your body, with slow, low supported holds.

Week 4: Reap the rewards – A journey all around the mat, getting deep into your hard-earned new space in the body.


30 Day ‘Yoga Reset’ Schedule:

Monday – Friday: 7am live

Saturday & Sunday: 9am live

Other regularly scheduled classes like Yin, Kind Yoga etc will also be on as usual.

A ‘Master of Zen‘ membership will allow access to a full month of live yoga.

Do you still have a current membership on the Momoyoga system? No problem! You’ll still be able to join classes via Zoom as usual until your membership runs out. After that you’ll need to sign up on the app  – click here to learn more.

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