Summer Starter

Starting Tuesday 8th of June @7am

The theme of June’s 7am club is ‘Summer Starter’ – bringing heat to the start of your summer. We will be working on four ladder flows, a set sequence each week with a new focus.

Ladder sequences are repeated flows which add a new posture each cycle. This builds heat and allows us to get a confident moving mediation as we know most of what is coming.

These sequences rely deeply on breath work, helping you clear your mind, build internal heat and challenge your entire body!

Plus a guided 10 min meditation after the class. The perfect start to summer!

Week 1, 8th of June: Hip focus – Ladder sequence 1 one with Maura 

Week 2, 14th of June: Core focus – Ladder sequence 2 with Kate

Week 3, 21st of June: Quad focus – Ladder sequence 3 with Maura

Week 4, 28th of June: Balancing focus – Ladder sequence 4 with Maura


30 Day Schedule:

Monday – Friday: 7am live

Looking for more class times and variety? Check out the full schedule here.

How do I join? How does it work?

First, make sure you’re registered to my Momoyoga schedule system with the button above. Then in the calendar schedule, book a 7am class from the 8th of June onwards. You’ll be asked to purchase a pass if you don’t have one already – in this case choose the 30-day pass.

Once you buy the pass, you need to book all the classes you wish to join individually.

Links to live classes are emailed to you 30mins before each class starts.

Shortly after each live class finishes, links to the recordings are emailed, which are viewable for 48hrs.

The cost is €49, and the pass also gives you access to all other regular classes on the schedule.