Sweat to Zen

30-Day Challenge

Get your sweat on for a Zen Den gift box

Join Maura online this September for her Vinyasa ‘Sweat to Zen’ 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

Each yogi will receive a reward! If you manage to do the full 30 Day Challenge you will receive a very special ‘Zen Den’ Yoga box. 

This challenge has been designed to take you out of your comfort zone. Each sequence will have just one breath per movement, so you really will get your sweat on.
The practices will be at 7am each day and 30mins in length, with an optional 10min guided meditation right after. We also have 7 day playback for the not-so-early birds.
Maura will be leading the full 30 Days of yoga, including a 45min special yin yoga on Sundays.
We are breaking down this challenge with 5 themes!

1. Standing Sequence – This standing sequence is designed to get those legs fired up, building strength and heating the whole body

2. Core – Fire in the belly! We will be working on connecting to and building strength in our cores

3. Arm balances – a rewarding builder of stability and confidence, and an opportunity to step out of your comfort zone

4. Backbends – Sweaty heart-opening practices taking a focus on our wheels

5. Inversions – Upside-down fun, headstands & handstands drills. Let’s do this!
Classes start every 7am, with 7-day playback to catch up.

Online membership only €39.99 for full online access.

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