The January Reset


7am weekdays & 9am weekends!

Join the January Reset Challenge! Starting Monday 9th of Jan 2023.
€49.99 once off fee or sign up to our €39.99 membership which gives you access to the full schedule!

Week 1: Awaken your body – start to become more aware as you connect with your
breath we will focus on twisting your spine this week which can really help with
digestion and more.

Week 2: Tapping into traditions – this week I will lead you through more traditional
style ashtanga inspired practices so we can honour where yoga comes from.

Week 3: Connecting with the element earth – getting grounded in our practice with
slow, rooted supported holds.

Week 4: Reap the rewards – Mandala journey all around the mat, getting deep into
your hard-earned new space in the body.

Reset into 2023!

It’s a great chance to begin your daily yoga habit or refresh one you’ve taken a break

Each morning we start with a 30-minute yoga flow leaving you feeling refreshed and
ready for the day ahead. Afterwards there will be a mix of pranayama & meditation
practices you can choose from.



Online membership only €39.99 for full online access.

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