28th of April - 19th of May 2021

Manifestation is the toolset & belief that Maura credits for almost all of her achievements – from small daily ones to the life-changing ones. It creates space for positive unexpected things, generates action towards her goals and hopes, and keeps her outlook positive and energised.

She also believes anyone can use it! It was a learned process, not some in-built ability. After a year in the making, she’s excited to share this course with those looking to do the same.

Manifesting isn’t just “think positive”

While that’s one of the goals, it’s certainly not the method. Just thinking your way to positivity and your goals would take a very strong will!

Maura found & developed her manifestation first through yoga, then meditation and breath-work. Tying it to these physical and mental practices is much easier and forms a strong habit. It’s this method that Maura will be sharing.

Course Contents

The key focus of this course is the forming of a manifestation habit over 21 days, through the physical and mental practices of yoga, meditation and breath-work. It will include:

Daily talks covering tips, tools & rituals. Maura will go through personal examples and practical applications *

A ‘Zen Den’ gift box delivered to you before the course, in collaboration with Roisin from Style-Selfology. This will contain all the special bits Maura uses in her day-to-day manifestation

Guest speakers – A life coach and a holistic psychologist

A new mantra yoga practice every day, designed to align your energy and cement positive beliefs *

A new guided meditation every day led by Maura *

Sound baths at the live welcoming and closing ceremonies

Private Facebook group – discussion area to ask Maura questions, share and discuss with the course community

* The talks, mantra yoga practices and guided meditations are pre-recorded and emailed to you each day, to follow on your own schedule. All content will be also available for 30 days after the course finishes to re-visit whenever you need.

Course Schedule

April 28th – 8:00pm – Live welcoming ceremony, yoga practice and a sound-bath

May 9th – 8:00pm – Half-way point live catchup to discuss progress and share experiences

May 19th – 8:00pm – Closing ceremony to celebrate yourselves, and a sound-bath


Daily throughout the course: New talks, mantra yoga practices and guided meditations


Early bird offer: €179 if purchased before 9th of April (€199 afterwards)

20% discount for people who have had a 30-day yoga pass in 2021

Postage charge for gift box outside the ROI is additional