Dun Laoghaire Studio

Welcome to Yoga with Maura’s Studio. We are located at 58 George’s Street Upper, Dún Laoghaire

This studio has been created to bring you the ultimate experience in-person, and a big upgrade to the virtual experience at home. In-person classes will run separately to virtual classes.

We will have monthly membership options alongside lots of pop up yoga classes and events.

This page is all about the in-person classes at the new Dun Laoghaire studio. For virtual classes please click here.

October Membership: Immune Booster

This October we have a special theme launching for our opening in-person month! It’s all about looking after our immune system as we ease into winter.

Focused on helping our immune system stay strong, by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic flow with powerful ladder yoga sequences.

Come join me for this special four weeks.

What’s included:

12 in-person flow yoga classes

4 in-person yin yoga classes

16 in-person classes in total

Includes 30 day pass to the virtual studio with over 50 live classes per month

The cost: €179 (less than €12 per in-person class)

Although some yoga experience is required, if you are simply a little rusty you’re more than welcome!

In-person Membership Schedule:

Tuesday 7pm Tuesday 8:15pm Thursday 7pm Saturday 9am
Week 1 Oct 5: Ladder Flow with Maura Oct 5: Yin Yoga with Maura Oct 7: Ladder Flow with Becky Oct 9: Ladder flow with Maura
Week 2 Oct 12: Ladder Flow with Maura Oct 12: Yin Yoga with Maura Oct 14: Ladder Flow with Becky Oct 16: Ladder flow with Maura
Week 3 Oct 19: Ladder Flow with Rachel* Oct 19: Yin Yoga with Rachel* Oct 21: Ladder Flow with Becky Oct 23: Ladder flow with Rachel*
Week 4 Oct 26: Ladder Flow with Maura Oct 26: Yin Yoga with Maura Oct 28: Ladder Flow with Becky Oct 30: Ladder flow with Maura

* Maura’s classes in Week 3 are covered by the lovely Rachel while Maura is hosting the retreat in Greece.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Ladder Flow (60min):  These sequences will be repeated flows which add a new posture each cycle. This builds heat and allows us to get a confident moving mediation as we know most of what’s coming.

These sequences work deeply on breath work, helping you clear your mind, build internal heat and challenge your entire body!

Yin Yoga (45min): Get your pillows, get your blankets, we are about to chill. A relaxation style of yoga, best for creating flexibility, targeting both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.