Virtual Corporate Yoga

'Zen to Xmas' 2020

For the 6 weeks before Christmas 2020, Maura’s running a special combined corporate class at reduced rates, focusing on one theme per week:

Week 1: Welcome to vinyasa yoga

Week 2: Finding the joy in stillness

Week 3: Happy Hamstrings

Week 4: Relieve shoulders

Week 5: Open hips

Week 6: Yoga for core

Get in touch to enquire about this for your organisation using the form below!

Yoga and Meditation in your organisation

Keeping a movement & mindfulness routine available for your companies staff is more important than ever in the current health crisis. Working from home can feel isolating, and keeping focused is a real issue. Many people also lack the proper ergonomic equipment they’re used to at work, leading to poor posture and repetitive strain.

A regular Virtual Yoga session streamed to your staff can help:


 – Keep energy levels & vitality high

 – Spark creativity and maintain focus

 – Improve posture and support back health

 – Sustain a balanced metabolism

 – Relieve stress and promote mindfulness

 – Preserve good sleep hygiene

 – Maintain a positive outlook


Maura can work with you to tailor classes and schedules to work with your organisation, with a variety of yoga styles and meditation types in her toolset.

Classes can be streamed across any conference software your staff already use – Zoom, Teams, Webex and more. Leave a message below to get in touch!