WorkWell Studio

A Virtual Yoga Studio for organisations to invest in their employees’ wellbeing

WorkWell Studio classes are led by a team of well-qualified yoga teachers, we have two styles of yoga available mindful and energetic each practice finishes with a meditation.

Energetic flow – A vinyasa style yoga classes, connecting each movement through breath. This class lengthens and strengthens the body and may even add a little sweat. You leave feeling energised and refreshed.

Mindful Yoga – A slow flow practice, mindfully moving and breathing while holding poses longer. We explore your edge, yes still feel a relaxed and renewed experience.

This Virtual Studio has been designed to motivate staff during our pandemic. Wellbeing and productivity have proven to be lifted with movement and mindfulness practices.

The benefits:

  • Helps with focus & productivity
  • De-stresses
  • Motivates
  • Helps correct bad posture habits (especially important for sub-optimal work-at-home setups)
  • Community feel and connection with other staff through movement
  • Improve strength & flexibility

One off classes and yoga class packages available. To enquire about providing WorkWell Studio classes for your organisation, please fill in your details below and Maura will be in touch. Thanks!

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