Live Virtual Classes

Live Virtual Classes

November Yoga – Winter Warmer
Mornings Flows 7am: 30min of Fire + 10min of Meditation

Monday 7:00am Morning Flow 10:00am Slow Flow
Tuesday 7:00am Morning Flow 6:00pm Vinyasa Flow
Wednesday 7:00am Morning Flow 10:00am Yoga Nidra
Thursday 7:00am Morning Flow 6:00pm Vinyasa Flow 7:00pm Yin Flow
Friday 7:00am Morning Flow
Saturday 9:00am Yin Yang Flow *
Sunday 9:00am Rejuv. & Rest. - Recording

Live virtual class prices:

Drop-in Normal Class: €8
* Drop-in Extended: €10
30 Days Unlimited: €49

Ensure you book all your classes in advance to receive live links and recordings.

Everyone who books a class in advance will receive a link to the class recording, which will be viewable for 30 hours after the class.

The Yoga

Morning Flow Classes: Morning-friendly Vinyasa-style classes with a new theme each week. These will be a mix of certain yoga postures, specific muscle groups, and also traditional yoga practices.
Vinyasa Yoga Classes: This is a high-energy, contemporary practice linking movement with breath. With time this can become a ‘moving meditation’.
Yin Yoga Classes: Get your pillows, get your blankets, we are about to chill. A relaxation style of yoga, best for creating flexibility, targeting both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.
Yin Yang Yoga Classes: The perfect blend, starting with high energy Vinyasa and finishing with a calming Yin practice.
Rejuvenate and restore: 30 minutes of warm vinyasa flow followed by a deep 45min yin class. A 75 minute nourishing yin yang style yoga class.
Slow Flow: A slow class breaking postures down, this class is perfect for beginners but also regular yogis looking for more chill vibes, dive deep into the energetics of the practice.
Yoga Nidra: This is a guided meditation of the consciousness between waking and sleeping. It’s also known as yogic sleep – a relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation.