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Please note! The new app is replacing Momoyoga and Zoom going forward. This means that links and info on this page won’t be valid soon.

If you have an existing membership and want to know what will happen to it, or any other questions, please click here to learn more.

Join Maura's online yoga community

Step into the popular 7am club with a new theme each month, or find a class that suits you best. From yin to yang, there’s something for all.

Maura creates new themes to keep things fresh and exciting, and to make sure the whole body gets attention. 

Tune in live from the comfort of your home, or take the class recording for up to 48 hours afterwards.

Updated timetable for the new year coming soon!

You can start a 30-day pass at any time, for example if you start a pass in the middle of the month, it will be valid until the middle of the next month.

Virtual class prices:

Drop-in Normal Class: €8
30 Days Unlimited: €49

Ensure you book all your classes in advance to receive live links. You can also access live classes directly via Momoyoga if you book late.

Recordings are viewable for 48 hours via Momoyoga. Recordings of each class are found in the Momoyoga booking system, click “Go to Live Link” button, 10-15min after a class finishes.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Monthly Theme / 7am Club: Morning-friendly Vinyasa-style classes with a new theme each month. These will be a mix of certain yoga postures, specific muscle groups, and also traditional yoga practices. A 10-minute meditation concludes each session.
Vinyasa Flow: This is a high-energy, contemporary practice linking movement with breath. With time this can become a ‘moving meditation’.
Yin Yoga: Get your pillows, get your blankets, we are about to chill. A relaxation style of yoga, best for creating flexibility, targeting both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.
Kind Yoga: This is a slow flow yoga class. We work deep into breath and discover the power in stillness. The perfect tune in and be kind to yourself practice. Absolute beginners and regular yogis welcome.
Yin Yang Saturdays: A 75 min yin yang yoga class, 45 mins of yang goodness to wake us up on a Saturday morning & 30mins yin to float in bliss

Rejuvenate and restore: 25 minutes of warm vinyasa flow followed by a deep 20min restorative practice. 45minutes of Sunday nourishment. ** Recording only for this class.
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