Live Virtual Classes

Live classes are stopping for the Christmas break from the 20th of December 2020 until the 6th of January 2021.

Click here for free Christmas break yoga classes, pre-recorded and available for all to enjoy!

Live Virtual Classes

December 21-day Challenge

Monday 7am: Morning Flow 30+10m 7pm: Vinyasa Flow 45m 8pm: Yin Flow 45m
Tuesday 7am: Morning Flow 30+10m 8am: Slow Flow 30m
Wednesday 7am: Morning Flow 30+10m
Thursday 7am: Morning Flow 30+10m 7pm: Vinyasa Flow 45m (Becky) 8pm: Yin Flow 45m (Becky)
Friday 7am: Morning Flow 30+10m
Saturday 9am: Mandala Flow 80m*
Sunday 9am: Rejuv. & Rest. 45m (Recording)

Live virtual class prices:

Drop-in Normal Class: €8
* Drop-in Extended: €10
30 Days Unlimited: €49

Ensure you book all your classes in advance to receive live links. 

Recordings of each class are found in the Momoyoga booking system, click “Go to Live Link” button, 10-15min after a class finishes. Recordings are viewable for 30 hours.

The Yoga

Morning Flow Classes: Morning-friendly Vinyasa-style classes with a new theme each week. These will be a mix of certain yoga postures, specific muscle groups, and also traditional yoga practices.
Vinyasa Yoga Classes: This is a high-energy, contemporary practice linking movement with breath. With time this can become a ‘moving meditation’.
Yin Yoga Classes: Get your pillows, get your blankets, we are about to chill. A relaxation style of yoga, best for creating flexibility, targeting both the deep connective tissues between the muscles and the fascia throughout the body.
Yin Yang Yoga Classes: The perfect blend, starting with high energy Vinyasa and finishing with a calming Yin practice.
Rejuvenate and restore: 30 minutes of warm vinyasa flow followed by a deep 45min yin class. A 75 minute nourishing yin yang style yoga class.
Slow Flow: A slow class breaking postures down, this class is perfect for beginners but also regular yogis looking for more chill vibes, dive deep into the energetics of the practice.