About the app

From my first days streaming live yoga, my goal has been to make it as easy and accessible as possible for anybody to get onto the mat.

Zoom and Momoyoga were a great way to get started, but both were outside my control, and didn’t let me provide the experience to you that I wanted.

I always had a vision in mind of a better way – and now it’s here! I’ve designed this app from the ground up and I’m so excited for you to use it!

On-demand classes, courses and guided meditations are things I’ve always wanted to provide, and the app makes this possible.

Questions & Answers

This app will be where you stream and pay for all virtual yoga classes and meditations.

It is also where you will book and pay for in-person classes at the Dun Laoghaire studio.

You can keep using your membership, and continue to join classes on Zoom as usual for the month of January. The same classes will also be accessible on the app.

From the start of January, new memberships won’t be accessible to purchase on Momoyoga, and from February on, all streaming and payments will be on the app only.

Your membership will be transferred manually to the app. You don’t need to do anything yet – I will be in touch.

This is finally a thing of the past! If you have a membership that allows access to a live class, you can join it at the beginning, halfway-through, or access the recording for 7 days, all without booking.

Just don’t forget to set yourself a reminder if you want to join live!

As well as the iOS and Android apps, the app can be accessed on the web – all three versions have the same functionality.

While accessing on mobile phones, the dedicated app will provide the best experience.

There are three membership options:

A Little Zen – €14.99/month: Two live virtual classes and the meditation library
On-Demand Zen – €29.99/month: Unlimited on-demand classes and the meditation library

Master of Zen – €49.99/month: Unlimited live virtual classes, unlimited on-demand classes, and the meditation library
This is great news for people currently on the €49 plan on the Momoyoga system – you’re now getting a lot more, in better quality, for the same price!

This is temporary, due to Apple’s policies for one-off in-app purchases. This policy is expected to change in the next few months.
For now, just hop onto the web app to pay for these classes, after which you can access them on your phone app if you like.

No problem! Please get in touch with me on the contact page.

The app is brand new, and while it’s been extensively tested, there may be some initial hiccups. Getting in touch with issues is hugely appreciated and will result in a better app for everyone. Thanks!

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